Civil Rights Law

Many complex civil rights issues arise in the classroom and school environment. Successfully navigating these challenges requires skill and experience at both anticipating and avoiding disputes and developing innovative strategies for defending against the unavoidable dispute. The Firm’s lawyers routinely advise clients on how to comply with civil rights law, how to defuse disputes in the early stages, and how to prevail when a dispute cannot be avoided. To assist our clients, the Firm’s lawyers stay abreast of legal developments and actively study how the law is evolving in a given area so that we can provide timely, up-to-date legal advice. Our lawyers have handled civil rights disputes involving:

Our expertise includes:

  • First Amendment free speech claims
  • First Amendment religious freedom claims
  • Fourteenth Amendment liberty interest, procedural due process, and substantive due process claims
  • Fourth Amendment search and seizure claims
  • Section 1983 and 1981 litigation
  • Disability discrimination and accommodation claims
  • Race and gender discrimination claims
  • Retaliation claims